Social Ads

Your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but you struggle to get engagement that leads to sales. Maybe you are paying for ads but not seeing a return on that investment. You need the help of a pay per click expert who specializes in social media ads.

An effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign on social media can help you win customers where they spend their time. As the name suggests, Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to digital ads that incur a cost every time a user clicks. Whereas your organic social media efforts are about building brand awareness and growth, social ads are intended to drive the most qualified customers to your website where you can close the sale.

Because PPC is so competitive, your efforts will likely be wasted without the expertise of a specialist who knows how to calibrate bids and targeting to get you a positive ROI. Despite millions spent on automation tools, there is still no adequate alternative to a talented, experienced PPC specialist with a vested interest in their client’s success.

Because these auctions are so competitive, and because each qualified click is so important, there is a huge market for PPC specialists who can give advertisers an edge. Despite many attempts to automate the process, there is still no adequate alternative to a talented, experienced PPC specialist with a vested interest in their client’s success.

At Ethical Digital, both our CEO and our CMO are veteran PPC specialists, so we take a special interest in making sure our offering is best in class. As with all our services, our unique advantage is that we offer a team approach with the resources and support of a large agency, but at near-freelancer prices. Our cost savings are due to our efficient business model and low overhead, not cutting corners where it matters. When you're ready to discuss how we can help you win customers with social ads, sign up and an Ethical Digital marketing strategist will be in touch.

To accommodate the needs and preferences of our clients, we offer two different pricing structures for social ads:

% Fee Contracts

After deducting our 20% Management Fee and a 3% Convenience Fee (which is waived if you paid via bank transfer), the remainder of your Paid Media funds will be allocated to the relevant advertising channel, e.g. Facebook Ads.

Flat Fee Contracts

Some clients opt to pay a flat monthly management fee and use their own funding source for the ads. These contracts require a custom paid media management quote, and we cannot offer the same warranties we do for advertising budgets that are directly under our management. We also offer account setup, landing pages, and advanced call tracking for an additional fee.